2010 Kenne Bell Camaro Headers & Cam Install

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This previous tuning customer sought us out for some more upgrades to his already-fast 2010 L99 Camaro. He asked for advice on a cam to compliment his Kenne Bell supercharger set up, which had previously netted him 486 rwhp and 457 ft/lbs torque. We chose a medium sized cam that would allow the customer to retain his stock torque converter. We also decided to add headers, Kooks 1 7/8th” headers with high flow cats. Kook’s headers are very easy to install on the fifth generation Camaros and the fit and finish is incomparable.

During our cam install, we removed AFM (active fuel management) and VVT (variable valve timing), which are unique to the L99 Camaros and are not found on the LS3’s. To remove DOD and VVT, we installed our AFM/VVT Delete Package  which includes the LS3 parts necessary to make the swap. Our kit includes LS7 lifters, head gaskets, upgraded crank pulley bolt, three bolt cam conversion kit, LS2 valley cover with gasket, four lifter trays, LS2 front cover with cam sensor, two water pump gaskets, one OEM timing chain, head bolt kit, front timing cover seal and front timing cover gasket.

After our cam install and removing AFM/VVT, the Camaro now essentially has become an LS3 (with lower compression). We didn’t waste any time hitting the dyno, netting an awesome 574hp and 490ft/lbs tq. While the fuel pump was already up to par with the Boost a Pump setup, his 60# injectors no longer cut it, maxxing out on the dyno. With Fuel Injector Connection 1000cc injectors we went back to the dyno to find our final numbers at 610rwhp and 531 ft/lbs tq…making the total gain from the cam & headers to be 124rwhp!


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