2010 Camaro 418ci Procharger F1R & PCM of NC ‘Valkyrie’ Cam

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GM High Tech Feature Car August 2013!

When this customer’s stock L99 engine let loose, he decided to go big with his next build. We decided to go with a 418 ci forged bottom end from Texas Speed, fully built up with a set of ported and polished cylinder heads from West Coast Cylinder Heads, and our PCM of NC Valkyrie Cam spec’d by Alvin. For the fuel system,  we went with 1000cc Fuel Injector Connection injectors, and a Fore Innovations dual hat setup, which will support his needs for years to come! To make some serious horsepower, we chose a Procharger F1R blower, which is currently the second largest blower offered by the company. We were shooting for 15lbs of boost at first, always having the option to pulley down later on for more boost. On this low level of boost it made 798 rwhp and 675 ft/lbs tq! The rest of the car received the full treatment as well. A built 4L80e from RPM Transmissions replaced the weak 6L80e. During the 4L80e swap, we designed a harness that allows the 4L80e to be controlled by a GM factory transmission module, greatly cutting down on cost while taking advantage of the features offered in the OEM TCMs (check it out HERE). A custom torque converter was also supplied from Yank Performance. While we were fortifying the engine and transmission, we also upgraded the suspension on the car with Pfadt parts. Pfadt makes very high quality suspension items that greatly improve the vehicle’s handling characteristics. We installed their 2010+ Camaro Trailing Arms, Toe Rods, Lowering Springs, Sway Bars, and a set of Solid Cradle Bushings. It would have only been a matter of time before the rear end ripped up a halfshaft with the newfound power, so we pre-emptively upgraded that as well. We used a 9″ Independent Rear Suspension setup from Driveshaft Shop, which should have no problem holding up! This car does double duty for its owner – not only is it daily driven, but it tears up the local streets at night as well.


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