2010 Camaro L99 Kenne Bell, Custom Cam & AI Heads

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We originally worked on this Camaro back in 2012, and it came back for another round! On the last visit, we had added a cam and headers to his Kenne Bell set up, ending up at 611 rwhp. We had kept the stock torque converter, and the cam was on the stealthier side.

This time around, the customer asked for a very radical idle. We decided to go larger on the cam, and also sought Advanced Induction’s 280cc porting and polishing package. To accomodate the beefier cam, we also added a Yank torque converter along with our transmission cooler kit. We also took the opportunity to upgrade to a 10% overdriven Innovators West pulley as well. This will also allow him to upgrade to an 8 rib set up in the future if he wishes.

The results were fantastic…between the larger cam, heads, and a bit more boost, we ended up at 694 rwhp & 603 ft/lbs tq! While the idle sounds like a dragster, the driveability is still very tame, making it a lot of fun to drive! The dyno sheet shows the baseline from right before we began the work – we figure it was down on power due to belt slip and also the weather being warmer.

“Car is great  !  I appreciate the great work PCM puts out for me ! Tell Alvin  that no one  can do the work as complete as PCM !!! No one can tune engine  like he can !!! The best !!  Have a great afternoon !”





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