2008 TBSS TVS 1900 & LS3 Heads

by / / Trailblazer SS Portfolio

This very clean TBSS might look familiar (previous post HERE), it’s visited before for a 402 shortblock from TSP, along with our custom cam to go with the TVS 1900 he already had. This go round, he wanted to install a set of LS3 heads, so we set to work swapping the lower half of the supercharger tub to fit correctly. At the same time his transmission was waving the white flag, so that was remedied by a freshly built Level 6 from RPM Transmissions. We also added in an FSR radiator with our fan setup for additional cooling. A set of 8 rib Innovators West, Inc. pulleys went on to nip any potential belt slip in the bud. AWD means no dyno numbers, but it was quite an animal on the street!




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