2017 CTS-V Bolt Ons

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A handful of simple modifications (pulley, air intake, heat exchanger and dyno tuning) made a world of a difference (87 rwhp & 89 ft/lbs tq to be exact) in this automatic LT-4 CTS!






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2 Comments to “2017 CTS-V Bolt Ons”

  1. Deven Ravel says : Reply

    Hi PCM. I just bought a 2017 CTS-V and looking for some light add-ons to get roughly 100hp more to the wheels. I imagine that some of the bolt ons will be close to that.

    Can you provide a parts/labor quote on two options:
    1. Light mods (intake, tuning, heat exchanger)
    2. Light mods PLUS full exhaust with headers, hi-flow cats, etc.


    1. admin says : Reply

      Sure, email us at or give us a call and we would be happy to help!

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