HP Tuners Email File - 2010+ Camaro V8 Mail Order Tuning

HP Tuners Email File – 2010+ Camaro V8 Mail Order Tuning




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Product Description

Have HP Tuners but don’t know where to start? Let us build you a file. Your gains will depend on the modifications that you have done to your vehicle, but generally we are able to pick up about 15-20hp, along with better gas mileage and driveability. After placing your order, please click on “Ordersheet” on the top menu and fill out a tuning ordersheet for your vehicle. Then, email a copy of your STOCK file to for tuning! NOTE: The cost of the email tune includes three free revisions (based off of datalogs you submit). Every file revision/review after the intial three is $5/file. Future reflashes are $50 (if you add/delete modifications).

Note 1: Surcharge fees are due to licensing (2016+ vehicles force us to purchase additional licensing). This is a fee we pay directly to HP Tuners and have no control over. You will still have to license the vehicle on your end as well. 

Note 2: 2017+ automatic vehicles require the TCM to be sent to HP Tuners for unlocking before we are able to tune it. This is $199 and would be handled on your end directly with HPT.




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