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5/21/18 – MPVI2 Announced – Coming Soon!   MPVI1 discontinued, no longer available.

HP Tuners is a powerful interface (and what we use to tune everything at the shop!) that allows the user to connect with the vehicle and tune using any USB compatible laptop. HP Tuners is a great tool for the advanced gear head looking to make the best of their combination or find every last bit of power. Each HP Tuners software package includes 8 credits, which is enough to license roughly 3-4 vehicles. The Pro version includes a side port for external datalogging, which can streamline sensors such as a wideband right into your datalog. Pro cables also have stand alone data logging. Included in the HP Tuners VCM Suite is a powerful editor and a separate scanner that has full diagnostic support and datalogging.

We also offer the option to receive an email tune at a discounted rate with the purchase of HP Tuners, we offer support for most late model GM’s! If you choose this option, please fill out an Order Sheet for us as well. When you receive your HP Tuners cable, read your stock file and email it to and we will turn it around for you! Note: This listing is for a GM HP Tuners cable with GM credits. If you need Ford or Dodge, please note at checkout.

Note: We do not offer assistance installing/setting up/using HP Tuners, but they have a great support forum HERE. Read more about HpTuners and how it works at

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