Truck/SUV Electric Waterpump kits!

Unfortunately running an electric waterpump on a Truck/SUV is not a bolt on and go option. We have put together a kit that makes it possible. By spacing the pump out, re-routing the belt, using a different thermostat housing, a new upper radiator hose, and using a different tensioner you can take advantage of what electric waterpumps have to offer. We also including a wiring kit that taps into the factory fuse box to run the pump either anytime the key is forward or only when the engine is actually running. Instructions included. Requires electric fans. Cut your time in the staging lanes by 80% by running the electric water pump and your electric fans with the vehicle off. Literally in 10 minutes you‘ll have a engine cool enough to make a good pass! These pumps flow quite a bit more water than the stock pump especially at lower RPM so you‘ll also notice a nice improvement in cooling. Offered with and without electric pump. New belt required. Email for length.

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