6L80e to 4LXXe Conversion Harness (Generic)


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Time to swap out your 6L80e for a 4L80e/4L70e/4L60e? Our plug and play harness makes quick work of the wiring required for the swap, and allows you to use an OEM GM Transmission Control Module (included)! Retain all of the great features while tuning with a tuning suite since it is a GM module. Even operates the factory transmission temperature gauge! No reprogramming of ECM or BCM required! We have successfully installed this in several 6L80e vehicles including CTS-Vs, Camaros, G8s, Gen4 trucks, etc.  Input speed sensor not needed for this kit, do not hook up. This harness does not allow the paddle shifter to work (if originally equipped). This harness now supports cruise control!! Please specify your vehicle’s year, make, model, and engine in the notes section when checking out so that we can supply the correct instructions.  Gen 4 applications with E67 & E38 PCM should all work, Gen 5 E78 & others not yet supported.

NOTE: Your transmission case must have provisions to run an external shift range switch.  4L80e’s come with two different selector shafts, short and long. You must use the longer shaft to be able to run our kit (they are not difficult to change). The part # is 24235194.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in


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