Our Brian Tooley Basic cam install kits includes just the basics that we recommend when installing a performance cam:

2006 & older LSx: a set of Brian Tooley .660″ lift Platinum Dual Valve Spring Kit (titanium retainers, dual polished springs, spring locators, locks and seals), Brian Tooley 7.400″ hardened pushrods, an OEM GM LSx timing chain OEM GM harmonic balancer bolt (we do not include a cam sprocket, cam bolts, or timing chain damper in the 2006-older kit).

2007+ install kits: include aforementioned parts and a three bolt cam conversion kit with ARP bolts,  a 3-bolt 4x cam sprocket and timing chain damper (pictured above).

If you want to replace all the gaskets while you’re in there, see our Deluxe install kit: HERE!

Please note what year, make, and model your vehicle is during check out (otherwise we will assume late-model LS and send a red oil pump o-ring). These kits are shipped with 7.400″ pushrods, if you need another size, please specify!

Optional:  Upgrade to a Katech C5R timing chain if preferred! Recommended for track cars that see a lot of high RPM use.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in


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