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Let us help you with your dyno tuning needs! With a Dynojet 224 loading chassis dyno and more than 10 years experience in the industry, we can fulfill your tuning needs whether your car is stock, has a few bolt ons, or is a full out race car! We believe in quality, not quantity when it comes to dyno tuning, we will find every last bit of power yet leave the vehicle safe to ensure as much longevity as possible. We are happy to tune stock cars, bolt on, nitrous, supercharger, turbo, or anything you might throw at us! Bolt-on cars can normally be finished in 2-3 hours, cammed cars we prefer to be dropped off for a couple of days so we can work through all of the driveability. We spend many hours driving them hot, cold, and everything in between to make sure the car is driving as best as it can before it is returned to the owner. The dyno tuning price includes everything – all dyno time, street tuning, and transmission tuning if well (if automatic!). Future retunes are normally half price, so you don’t have to buy the full tune every time you change something! Purchase a dyno tune today and receive 3% off by paying in full up front! Please leave your phone number in your order and we will call you schedule a date for your vehicle! Note; we generally only dyno tune 1998 & up Camaro/Firebirds. Please email us at to make arrangements for an older vehicle.

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Dimensions 9 × 8 × 4 in


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