Dakota Digital Speedometer Recalibration



These Dakota Digital universal speedometer signal interfaces are designed to handle all of your electronic speedometer signal conversion and calibration problems. They can recalibrate 2K pulses per mile through 250K pulses per mile speedometer pulse rates. The interfaces are great for readjusting aftermarket and OEM electronic speedometers after changing gear ratios. Plus, these improved SGI-5E units provide greater flexibility by allowing multiplication up to 16 times, taking an 8,000 ppm signal and converting to a 128,000ppm output. They include a regulated 5V sensor output and the push-in terminals have been replaced by screw-in terminals. They feature built-in LED displays and pushbutton switches to simplify setup and calibration. Modifications to your vehicle may mean adjusting your speedometer for accuracy; keep your data precise with Dakota Digital SGI-5E universal speedometer signal interfaces.

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