Yank 6L80e Converter


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Proven converters from a proven company. Time and time again, Yank shows us they are the best in the industry. Used in all of our personal builds and recommended to our customers, these are our torque converters of choice. Each converter is made to order. The SS series is the ultimate street-strip converter. This converter works great on NOS or N/A – the Yank SS series has you covered. All SS series models are a 9.5 in billet model with a solid billet lock-up clutch, rated to 650RWHP. Yanks SC series converters are built on a 10.5″ billet platform with a solid billet lock up clutch. This series of converters is designed to work well with positive displacement super chargers. These models are rated to 1200 RWHP. Yanks Pro Truck Series is the top of the line 10.5 ” billet converter with solid billet lock up clutch. This series of converters can handle up to 1200 RWHP. Select your torque converter series below and email or call us to discuss your stall speed! Most popular stall speeds are 2800 RPM, 3200 RPM, 3400 RPM, and 3600 RPM. All converters are made to order and usually drop ship within one week. All yank converters come with a 3 year warranty. While you’re at it, check out our ARP Flex Plate Bolts and ARP Torque Converter Bolts to complete your install! PLEASE SPECIFY VEHICLE AT CHECKOUT.

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Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 020 × 20 × 20 in


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