Tune Troubleshooting

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The first step is to notify us of an issue. If you do not tell us, we cannot help you fix your problem. Our mail order tuning is based off of roughly twenty years of in-house dyno tuning, which makes our tunes very close. Occasionally, some vehicles will need more adjustment than others. If you can call or email us about the issues you are having, we might be able to make adjustments. The BEST thing you can do for us is to provide a datalog. A datalog is a snapshot of what the vehicle is doing while you drive it – including sensor values, etc. If we have that (in datamaster or HPTuners format depending on the year) we can fix your issue much faster. Before calling us about an issue, verify it is not a problem with the vehicle itself. Sometimes in older vehicle sensors will go bad, harnesses will chafe, grounds will corrode, etc. Spend some time doing a quick look over to make sure the issue is not on your end. Also, make sure you are running our tunes with stock timing and fuel pressure unless told otherwise.