C6 LSx Corvette Remote Tuning – HP Tuners- 2005-2013 Corvette V8 Email Tune File



Have HP Tuners but don’t know where to start? Chasing a tough drivability issue? Let us build you a file with our C6 LSx Corvette Remote Tuning. Your gains will depend on the modifications that you have done to your vehicle, but generally we are able to pick up about 15-40hp+, along with better gas mileage and drivability. After placing your order, please click on Order Sheet on the top menu and fill out a tuning order sheet for your vehicle. Then, email a copy of your STOCK file to sales@pcmofnc.com for tuning! Price includes the base LSx Corvette Remote Tuning file and three revisions based on datalogs you provide. Every file revision or review after the initial three is $10/file. Future reflashes start at $65 (if you add modifications). Our normal tune or datalog turnaround time is just 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

Read more about our remote tuning here – Remote Tuning FAQ.

We use our 20+ years of in person and C6 LSx Corvette Remote Tuning experience to make the best of your build. HP tuners allows us to review your datalogs, making sure we get the best power and driveability with our tuning. We support almost every LSx/LTx. Wideband feedback and HP Tuners Pro may be required for some set ups. We also sell HP tuners here – link. If you aren’t able to bring your vehicle to us in person, this is the next best thing. We start by taking your stock file and building a tune with all of your order sheet taken into consideration. After receiving that file, you flash it, and then use our channels list to datalog with. Email us your datalog, and we’ll send a new revision until we are happy with how it looks. Simple as that! We use the same processes that we do when tuning a car in person.



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