Dyno Tuning Read Me!

Looking to have your car dyno tuned or street tuned by us? Reading this may save you some time.

About Dyno Testing/Tuning

A dyno is basically a treadmill for a car.  It is an extremely handy tool for a good tuner because he can test the car under controlled conditions and measure power, torque, transmission slip, and air/fuel ratio among other things.  It keeps the test environment clean, safe and repeatable. The dyno we have is a 224XLC  which is a dyno jet that incorporates a load brake. This gives the same ability as a loading dyno such as a Mustang dyno but the repeatability of a dynojet. The dyno will test your vehicle to its full power potential.  Your engine’s power potential may overcome your vehicle’s ability to handle such power.  It is required that you know and understand this and expect that part failures may occur. All vehicles must have a waiver signed before being dropped off. 


What to Expect

Most bolt on cars can be dyno tuned within 2-3 hours.  The tune will consist of two parts. A driveablity tune where we drive the car, record how the tune is functioning, make changes to the tune, and then drive the car some more. We will repeat this process until we are determine the fueling, spark, and transmission settings are best for the car.  The second part will consist of the dyno tuning. Here we measure horsepower, torque, air/fuel, among other things and make changes until we get the maximum power possible safely.

Cammed cars or cars with intensive modifications will take longer. We typically require the car to be dropped off with us for a minimum of 3 days.  The first day we work out as much driveablity and idle tuning as we can.  The second morning serves as check to make sure the car drives good and idles properly.  After we are happy with the driveablity on the second day we use the dyno to find the best power possible at wide open throttle. The third day is the final check. Our test is to get in the car crank the vehicle and immediately start driving just as the car was expected to as it came from the factory. We want the car to drive as absolutely good as it could. If it fails this test we will make changes again until we are happy.  If in the case the car does not drive like we expect it should on the third day we will contact the customer and let them know it will be at least one more day.  It is not a good idea to rush the tuner as some cars take longer to tune that others. We want to give you a good running car and if that takes 4 days as opposed to 3 than so be it. Its not quite as simple as installing a part like a set of headers!

Mooresville, NC Tuning

We offer GM dyno tuning and street tuning by appointment only.  We can be reached at 704-307-4227. Generally, appointments are scheduled Monday-Friday 9-5. We are not available for tuning on Saturdays.  Please call for current dyno/street tuning rates.

Prerequisites For Dyno or Street Tuning at our NC Office

Having your vehicle in its best condition will help the tuning process go a lot smoother and faster. Before dropping a car off be sure to check:

  • The car has a full tank of gas
  • The car has the appropriate octane gas in it that you plan on running after the tune. Please bring the vehicle with premium if it is a car that says Premium Recommended on the fuel cap/door.  Most cars can benefit from premium fuel.
  • All appropriate sensors are installed and working correctly
  • If the vehicle has an engine swap, that all wiring is done correctly, the DLC is accessible, and all sensors are reading
  • All fluid levels have been checked
  • The vehicle is in good mechanical condition.
  • If we have requested you drop the vehicle off, be sure you have allotted a minimum of 2-3 days for us to keep the vehicle
  • Street cars must have valid license plates (n/a for race cars) and be road ready for driveability tuning
  • Must have no leaks
  • If running nitrous, bottle is full, and system is ready
  • Brakes & suspension are in good working condition, battery is strapped down, etc.
  • If heavily modified, bringing a list of modifications with you is helpful

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Premium fuel
  • Fresh oil change
  • Fresh fuel filter
  • Fresh spark plugs and general tune up items
  • Clean MAF sensor if equipped
  • Check transmission fluid
  • Bring at least a half of a tank of fuel if not more.

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