DOD/AFM and VVT Information

Displacement on Demand/Active Fuel Management (DOD/AFM) and Variable Valve Timing (VVT)

DOD (also referred to as AFM) and VVT became options starting with Gen 4 LS motors (5.3L, 6.0L, and 6.2L). DOD/AFM disables four cylinders (1,4,6 and 7) at cruise. VVT is Variable Valve Timing. Some motors had both, some had one or the other, and some had none. This is important to know when planning your cam install, so you can have the correct parts. PCM of NC’s cams will all be three bolt, non DOD, non VVT cams unless other arrangements are made. This means any 07+ motor will need to use a 3 bolt cam gear kit with any of our cams. Check out our DOD/VVT Delete Kits here – link.

You can tell if your motor has VVT by looking at the cover. You can see the camshaft phaser actuator on the top, and also a five pin harness at the bottom. If the motor does NOT have VVT, there will be no phaser, and the harness will be three pin.

You can tell if your motor has DOD by peeking at the valley cover. If it is smooth, it does NOT have DOD. If has channels running through the top, then it does have DOD.

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