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Curious about how our send in tuning program works? Check out our infographic below! The process is simple and straightforward. Mail in your ECM/TCM, we’ll program it and ship it back. No relearns needed!

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  1. Joseph Brown says :Reply

    M wife and I have a 2006 Chevy Monte Carlo LT 3.5L V6 automatic that we purchased new. The car keeps going into anti theft mode and we can not start the car or remove the key. It first happened when we stored the car and the battery died. Even though we charged the battery it would not start. Then on the 2nd day it started and worked fine for about 6 months. Then, one day it would not start and we had the battery jumped and it started. A few months later, we stored it again for 6 months and the battery died and we replaced the battery, drove it for 4 months then stored it again. Now, we want to give it to our grand daughter, but the battery was dead. so we bought a new battery, ut we can not get it out of anti theft mode. We did find out what was draining the battery, but it will not come out of anti theft mode. I was give your website to have the ECM programed to disable the anti theft. Are you able to reprogram the ECM for our car. Thanks for your time.

    1. admin says :Reply

      Hi there! It does sound like a security issue. Unfortunately this is not one of the year models that we support, but I appreciate you reaching out!

    2. Ricky says :Reply

      I have a 2000 Silverado RCSB lq4 with tbss intake 50 lb injectors 93 mm Holley tb cam 233/239 .600 112 lsa 706 heads double beehive springs upgraded trunnions 7.40 chrome molly push rods 34 in radiator dual electric fans long tube headers circle d 3000 stall on a 4l60 transmission with positrac 3.73 diff. I recently moved to San Jose Ca from Lawrenceville Ga and the tuners out here only want to work on corvettes camaros mustang etc newer stuff I don’t know what’s the problem with these tuners
      So could you help me
      Ricky childers

      1. admin says :Reply

        Sure we can help! email us at or give us a call.

  2. Wyndell says :Reply

    I have a 2011 Chevy Silverado, Reg Cab 4.3l engine. I would like to know if you have any performance upgrades?

  3. Jeff says :Reply

    I have been considering purchasing this tune for a while a now but I had a couple questions. Does this tune remove the speed limiter or governor, and what shift strength does it get tuned to? According to reviews I see shift strength of 3 seems pretty standard and many are happy with it, but is a 4 possible?

    1. admin says :Reply

      Hello! It is custom tuning, so it just depends on what you enter in the order sheet. Yes, we can remove the speed limiter. 0-3 is how we do the shift firmness, 3 would be a very harsh shift. Most of our customers do a 1 or a 2. Hope this helps! If you have any other questions please email

  4. Anthony Wallace says :Reply

    I have a 2009 avalanche I’ve done the afm/dod delete and have added a stage 2 cam , so I won’t be able to drive the truck for said data log so how would I go about that

    1. Hi there, after a base tune you would be able to drive it for the datalog!

  5. Robert Mckinnon says :Reply

    Hello I’m going to be installing a lq9 6.0 into my 2005 chevy tahoe and was wondering what would be the best was to get it returned? Thank you for your time and I fo please.

    1. admin says :Reply

      Hi there, we offer full size truck tuning – link. If you send in your ECM to us we usually have it done the same/next day! Thanks for reaching out.

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