2010-2015 V8 Camaro Manual Fan Switch Harness

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NOTE: Most wiring harnesses are taking 1-2 weeks to process/ship due to a high volume of orders. If you need immediate shipping please call to confirm availability. To ensure your place in line, please place an order as we ship paid orders first before posting back in stock notices. We can refund at any time.

Finally, a plug and play “track fan” kit for the 2010-2015+ V8 Camaros that takes the guess work out of overriding the electric fans for additional cooling. This kit includes everything you need – a professionally made, loomed harness, the correct pins already crimped, and a switch that allows you to run the fans on low or high. Works excellent for forced cooling while waiting in the staging lanes!  NOTE: Fan codes P0480, p0481, and p0483 need to be disabled in your tune, and set to NO ERROR REPORTING. We will do this for free if you send in your ECM.

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1 review for 2010-2015 V8 Camaro Manual Fan Switch Harness

  1. Cuda7050

    I took the car to the drags with 94-97 degree temps and with the switch combined with 160* thermostat, the car came off the line at 170* every time producing four consistent runs 13.26, 13.32, 13.33 and 13.26. The times closely correlated with late afternoon too early evening changes in DA. No more sudden .2 second slow downs due to knock sensor timing retard when the motor temps climb to 195. I consider this a must have item for bracket racers.

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