OEM GM Reprogramming


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Purchased a junkyard or new ECM, and need it programmed? We can help. We have the same software as the GM dealership and can reprogram your blank or used ECM or TCM to your current VIN and operating system. Most of the time, after reprogramming (by us or the dealer) your vehicle will require a Security Relearn, PIM relearn and/or CASE relearn. It is your responsibility to understand/perform those relearns on your end.

IF YOUR VEHICLE IS 2014+ PLEASE CONTACT US AHEAD OF TIME TO SEE IF WE SUPPORT IT. We support almost any GM vehicle that we offer tuning for.

You must provide your own VIN (including for hot rod swaps!) It is your responsibility to make sure the service # of your ECM/TCM supports the VIN/OS you are requesting.

Note: this service is discounted if you are having other work performed while your module is here (i.e. tuning).

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 4 in


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