Hummer H3 Complete Electric Fan Kit


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*NOTE: Due to our current backlog these are taking 2-3 weeks to produce and ship.

Eliminate the heavy stock fan and free up power and gas mileage! Our kits include a black powdercoated laser-cut shroud, a high quality SPAL fan, a harness, hardware, appropriate brackets, and instructions for installation. Our shrouds also have flapper valves cut into them (included) for improved highway cooling. Typical gains are about 15hp on a V8 and about 10hp on an I5. Gas mileage gains are typically 1-2mpg. 2008+ H3’s will need a patch in the ECM to operate the fans, this kit includes a FREE voucher to have your ECM patched by us. This can also be done by anyone with HP Tuners. With the 2006-2007 H3’s, the fan will run off of our harness, which gets signals from a temperature sensor you will install into your radiator hose, and also from the A/C. Typical gains are about 10hp on an I5. Gas mileage gains are typically 1-2mpg. Click here for main installation instructions!   Subharness instructions (04-07). Subharness Instructions (08+).

Now available for rental or purchase – PCM of NC Fan Clutch Wrenches! Simply add to your cart at checkout and save yourself a trip to the auto parts store. Don’t want to keep it? Send it back within 30 days in working condition for a full refund!

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Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 24 × 6 in


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