LSA Supercharger Brick Reinforcement Brackets



Unfortunately, the design of the factory cooling “brick” in the LSA superchargers leaves something to be desired. After some decent mileage and/or adding modifications, it has been shown that they tend to collapse inward, leading to higher intake air temps and coolant leaks internally or externally.

We provide a simple solution; two 1/8″ plates to weld on either end of your LSA brick. These are crafted in house from extremely strong 6061 aluminum, ready to weld on to your brick. This simple, cheap modification will greatly benefit in the long run! We do not offer the welding in-house (unless your vehicle is here for other installs as well).

Note: CTS-V and ZL1 intercoolers are different, so please order accordingly.

CTS-V owners, check out our awesome 1.7L capacity heat exchanger tank HERE!

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Weight 1 lbs


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