PCM of NC Custom Cam Specs


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Here is an option for those of you who would like to purchase a cam on your own, but need advice on the specs. For $35, we will sell you specifications for a custom cam which you can then give to COMP (or your choice of cam company) to have ground. If you wish to purchase the custom cam specs through us, we will apply this $35 fee as a credit towards the cost of the cam! Not only do we provide you with cam specs, but we include a full packet that also lists projected piston to valve clearance information, valve events, and all lobe data (click HERE for sample).

We take out all the guess work and make it easier on you! Our cam designer has over 10 years of experience building and tuning cars. We know what drives well, what makes good power, and most importantly what it takes to set records! We take a total package perspective when designing camshafts, from stock driveablity LS3 headed Trailblazer SS builds that run 11.6’s to wild max effort cam only setups. Making the the most power under the curve will get you down the track the fastest. Be sure to fill out a custom cam spec sheet after purchase if purchasing the custom spec cam. Custom Cam Ordersheet Need the supporting parts to install this cam? See our Camshaft Install Kits. Note: Piston to valve clearance and pushrod length should always be checked during a thorough install.


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