PCM of NC LS7 “That’s What She Said” Cam 247/259, .62x/.62x, @ .050″, 112+2 LSA


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PCM of NC LS7 “That’s What She Said” Camshaft

Cam Specs: 247/259, .62x/.62x, @ .050″, 112+2 LSA
Intended Engine: LS7
Other Modifications Needed: Cold air intake, headers
Minimum Torque Converter: 3200rpm+
Recommended Torque Converter: 3600rpm+
Expected Gains: 70-90 rwhp+
Operating Range: 3,000-6,500RPM

So you wanted the baddest, loudest yet still street driveable cam – here it is. Our biggest LS7 cam yet – picks up serious horsepower and really sounds off at idle. Dyno graph is from an LS7 Camaro with stock heads! All of our cams are ground by COMP. Need the supporting parts to install this LS7 cam? See our Camshaft Install Kits. Note: Piston to valve clearance and pushrod length should always be checked during a thorough install.

PCM of NC Driveability Index (1 is stock, 10 is race only)

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Weight 10 lbs


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