VATS Delete Chip 1986-1993

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Supports 1986-1993 Corvette and 1989-1993 TPI V8 Fbody*!

Need a chip to bypass the VATS security in your 1986-1993 Corvette or 1989-1993 TPI V8 Fbody? We have a chip to do just that. You will be mailed a piggyback adapter that plugs in between your stock chip and stock computer. Instructions included. Be aware there are two VATS systems in most GM cars; a starter interrupt and PCM/Injector security. We can only disable what is inside the PCM. To disable the starter interrupt you will need to find the starter relay and bypass it by jumping pins 87 and 30. You must provide your stock prom code in the field above, or in the comments section when checking out. Your stock prom code will consist of 3-4 only letters, no numbers. Example BDZL, BUC, BAFL. It is found on your stock chip and/or on your stock computer. TBI cars are not supported.

*some 88 GTA’s will have VATS also.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 1 in

2 reviews for VATS Delete Chip 1986-1993

  1. Greg

    my name is greg I ordered the vats delete chip last week after emailing you a thousand times
    well the chip got here today and my vette has been sitting for a year as I learned all about gm’s vat system I tryed every thing in the world to get around it and finally decided to simply contact u guys and order the chip it took about 5 min to pop it in and presto she fired right up&nbsp

  2. thegxpguy (verified owner)

    Attention 92-93 c4 owners with vats issues, the resistor you’ve been looking at won’t work, this absolutely will work, you just need to bypass the starter relay. The 92 I purchased was a basket case, previous owner tore this car up, every relays cover popped off, different key ignition tumbler resistor mod swapped the CCM

    Whatever the cause of him doing all that I’m not sure but I do know this part solved my problems

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