Whether you have a totally stock car and need a little pick me up, or want to build all the way to 1,000hp or more, we can help! We are a one stop shop whether you are looking for simple bolt-ons or a serious racing set up. With years of experience we are also able to quickly diagnose and repair issues with late model GM’s. Having an in-house dyno means we can handle every aspect of your build from start to finish. We will be happy to build you a quote to work with any budget and any goal, no matter how small or how large! Hot rodding doesn’t have to just be for weekend cars either – we have built hundreds of reliable daily drivers making serious horsepower to the rear wheel tires, and have hotrodded countless full size trucks and SUV’s.

GM Performance Build
Performance Build
GM Performance

Aside from bolt ons, heads/cam setups and overachieving forced induction builds, we can also tackle intricate wiring jobs such as standalone fuel injection systems and EFI Connection 24x Fuel Injection Swaps. We can seamlessly integrate nitrous, gauges, or any other electrical part that you have in mind. We’re not all about adding power – let us beef up your suspension and transmission to handle the extra load while you’re here! We only deal with the best companies in the industry, as longevity is very important to us.

Performance Build

At PCM of NC, it is important that the job is done correctly the first time around. We take extra time and precaution to get it right. Our builds reflect on our shop, so we always do everything as cleanly as possible, as if we were working on our own vehicles. No unsightly wiring, no cut corners – just good, clean work that gets results and lasts for years to come. With high quality parts, accurate tuning and meticulous installs, we set your ride up for great results!

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