Available Tuning Programs

Send In/Exchange Options and Core Refunds For Tuning

Send In Program

As the name implies, you send in your PCM to PCM of NC (How do I do that? click HERE). The vehicle will not be drivable during this period of time. Sent-in PCMs are our first priority, and are typically shipped back out the next day. No security relearn or CASE relearn is required. NOTE: Some vehicles will also have a TCM (transmission control module). If you do not know whether you have a TCM or not, call us at 704-307-4227 to find out. If your vehicle does have a TCM, we will need both the PCM and the TCM so that we can tune the engine as well as the transmission for you.

Core Program

In the core program, we send you a tuned core PCM (and TCM if applicable). We start by using GM software to program your vehicle’s VIN & calibration, and then tune that file. Once you receive the core, you may send yours in back for the core refund, or retain both modules. If you choose to send in your stock PCM/TCM for the core refund**, it must be postmarked with seven days of receiving the tuned PCM. The core program requires a CASE relearn and security relearn also.

Loaner Program

The loaner program sends you a stock PCM/TCM to borrow so that you can send in yours for programming. When we receive your PCM, we tune it and return it to you, and then you send in the loaner for the core refund. The loaner PCM will need a security relearn, but there are no CASE relearns required. NOTE: Expedited shipping on loaner programs only covers one shipment. To upgrade both shipments to express, please contact us!


**Core Refund: PCM/TCMs MUST be in good shape aesthetically and not have any damage or we will not accept them for core returns. 1996 PCM’s are not eligible for core return.  If you are replacing a module that has gone bad, you do not need to send the bad module back, it is ineligible for a core refund.


These are the amounts we refund for core/loaner programs.

2002-2005 I6 Trailblazer – $75

2006 I6 Trailblazer, Hummer H3 – $159

2004-2006 Colorado/Canyon – $159

2007 Hummer H3, Trailblazer I6, Colorado/Canyon – $150

1997-2005 V6 3.8L – $75

2005-2006 Trailblazer SS/5.3L – $250

2007+ Trailblazer SS/5.3L – $200

2008+ Trailblazer I6/Hummer H3/Colorado/Canyon – $200 (automatic), $150 (manual)

Loaner program fees ($50) are not refundable.


Exchange and Send-in Programs Compared

Send-in Core Loaner
Requires Security Relearn No Yes Yes
Requires CASE Relearn No Yes No
Average Turnaround Same/Next Day 2-3 days 2-3 days
Is the tune locked? No No No
Customer can perform CASE relearn -Not Required No No
Customer can perform Security relearn -Not Required Yes Yes
Costs incurred Tune only Tune + core charge (refundable) Tune + core charge (refundable) + loaner fee
Option to keep stock/loaner PCM No Yes Yes
Able to return to stock on your own No Yes, if you keep stock PCM No

Flash Options for Tuning

Tune + HP Tuners 

With this purchase, you will receive HP Tuners software, and a tune from us. Upon receiving HP tuners, you will need to install it to a laptop, read your stock file and email it to us for tuning. We will email you back a file to flash. HP Tuners is a full tuning suite. You will be able to modify your program as often as you like, or go back to stock if you wish. HP Tuners is also capable of datalogging so that you can submit helpful data to us if needed. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ON TUNING SOFTWARE OR TUNES. Also please note we do not offer support in teaching the customer to tune using HP tuners.


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