2006 Cammed TBSS AWD to 2WD Conversion

A long time customer of ours, Matt brought his 2006 Trailblazer SS to us for a simple rod bolt and intake manifold swap….that would soon turn into much more! Pulling the oil pan on an AWD TBSS is a bit of an undertaking, as much of the front drivetrain/suspension has to be removed first. During this process, we had discovered some of his AWD components were beginning to fail. Instead of replacing them, Matt opted to swap to 2WD. Swapping to 2WD saves a lot of weight and also parasitic drivetrain loss…and the best part? We can now put his truck on our 2WD Dynojet for test and tuning!

Matt wanted us to install a FAST 102mm intake and dyno the results between it and his stock manifold. Since the FAST manifold ended up dyno’ing 13hp and 3 ft/lbs higher over the stock manifold, he opted to keep it. We also painted it while it was here, giving it a stealthy look. We complimented the FAST billet fuel rail system with AN fittings and black braided line – this fuel rail line kit is available on our website here!

Swapping to 2WD isn’t terribly expensive or time consuming. The basic things one needs to do is to change the transmission around – Matt opted to send his back to Finish Line Transmission (the original builder) to change the output shaft. We also changed the front axles for stub shafts, shortened the driveshaft, and a couple other minor things. Matt’s TBSS left here about 200 lbs lighter and a couple tenths faster!

On top of all this, near the end of our install we decided to add one of our 4″ one piece fenderwell intake, which picked up ANOTHER 16rwhp and 13 ft/lbs of torque, making Matt the current record holder for a naturally aspirated stock bottom end Trailblazer SS. What is most impressive is that he bested the current record by 20 hp! Here is our final dyno sheet:




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