2008 Corvette A&A Vortech S/C & Kooks Headers

This customer brought his LS3 Corvette to us, based on the experience he had before when we tuned his previous Camaro. He was after a huge power gain without sacrificing driveability. We recommended A&A Corvette’s C6 Vortech Kit with a V3 head unit, knowing the kit is very nice and clean to install. We chose the V3 head unit since the oiling is self-contained. We also installed Kooks headers at the same time, to maximize the gains. We went with 1 7/8th” headers with high flow cats to help the engine exhale all the additional air it would be breathing in.

Before getting started on the install, we baselined this car at 390 hp. After the headers and the A&A kit, the car was making 585 rwhp/504 ft/lbs torque, almost a 200 hp gain!! These modifications totally transformed the car.



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