2005 GTO TVS 2300 & PCM of NC ‘Tempest’ Cam

Primarily used for road racing, this automatic ’05 GTO was after another power increase after the owner had gotten used to the power of the TVS 2300 and was hungry for more! We decided our Tempest cam would be the best route to go to pick up power without turning up the boost. We went with a medium sized cam that barely loped at all – but yielded great power and torque increases! To support the new cam, we also installed our Brian Tooley Deluxe Install Kit. Unfortunately, after getting on the dyno, we discovered the car was out of fuel. The stock fuel pump wasn’t cutting it any longer, so we upgraded to a high flow fuel pump from Lingenfelter. Back on the dyno, she performed very well and picked up 64 hp & 51 ft/lbs of torque! We were very please with the results.

“I wanted to give you a quick summary of how the car is running, but I thought I’d give you a brief sample (video).  The car is running great, I am real happy with the performance. I was able to manage about 21mpg on average on my roundtrip to the VIR on Friday.  That includes 2 sessions on track.  I now have a great cruiser that can hold its own on track (still need to work out more grip).”



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