Chevy SS/G8/GTO Portfolio

2014 Chevy SS TVS 2300 & Camshaft

   This Chevy SS was a fun project, going from all stock to the ultimate sleeper. We started with Stainless Works Headers and Verex exhaust, really opening up the exhaust so that it would flow better. Our Crazy Joe cam was installed, further increasing the engine’s ability to breathe in and out. We topped the car off with a Magnacharger

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2017 Chevy SS LSA Supercharger & Heads

 After this stock high-mileage (but well maintained) 2017 Chevy SS surprisingly dropped a valve, the owner was looking to fortify the cylinder heads as well as add some additional power. We sent the heads off to Advanced Induction for some much needed attention, getting them back with a 280cc port & polish package – topped off with Brian Tooley Racing

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2009 G8 GT Procharged D1SC

The ultimate in comfort and speed…a procharged G8 GT! We loved seeing this rare colored car come through the shop. Using a Procharger Tuner Kit with a D1SC head unit, we quickly got to work. Our customer chose some upgrades with Procharger to include a Three Core Intercooler, and a beefy Red Race Blow Off Valve. We also added a

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2015 Chevy SS Crazy Joe Cam Install

We loved the rare color of this 2015 Chevy SS Automatic! We originally discussed a bolt on build, but when the time came for the appointment, he decided to add a cam as well. Since he wanted to keep the stock converter, we knew our Crazy Joe camshaft would be a great fit. We started by adding a set of

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2005 GTO Shortblock & Advanced Induction Heads

One of the best feelings in the hotrod industry is having a long-time returning customer! We’ve been working on this car since 2011. A hard-ridden track mule/day-tripper, this GTO was due for a rebuild after a solid 215,000 miles of racetrack and street performance. Even with a Magnacharger and a cam all of those years – there were still no

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2015 Chevy SS Phoenix Cam Install

This 2015 Chevy SS Automatic had already laid the groundwork for future plans – coming in with a cold air intake and headers, putting down 380rwhp. This round of upgrades included our Phoenix Camshaft, along with a Circle D Torque Converter to make sure that the driveability stayed tame while obtaining as much sound and power as possible. To fortify

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2015 Chevy SS Kooks Full Exhaust

We loved this very clean 2015 Chevy SS. This customer reached out for the install of a full Kooks exhaust (1 7/8″ Long Tube Headers and Kooks catback). Not only did it look great, but it also greatly improved the exhaust tone as well. With a free flowing exhaust it’s now ready for a cam swap or supercharger install! After

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2015 Chevy SS TVS 2300 Heartbeat Supercharger

This car may look familiar – it was here last year for a heads and cam job (check it out HERE). Horsepower is addictive, we didn’t think it would take long for him to return! This time around we installed a TVS 2300 Heartbeat Supercharger kit. This is meant for the LS3 Camaro so it took a bit of modification,

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2004 GTO Cam Install

This 2004 GTO came in with a misfire, which turned out to be a wiped cam lobe. We replaced the cam with one of our custom cam designs, and swapped out the lifters for a fresh set of LS7’s. With no other changes the car picked up 20 rwhp over where it was before, and the driveability was just as

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2009 G8 GT Custom Cam & Advanced Induction Heads

The perfect sleeper! This came in with a Rotofab Intake and Kooks headers, baselining about 345 rwhp. We added a mild PCM of NC Custom Cam and paired it with headwork from Advanced Induction (280cc package). We used our Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Install Kit, along with a Melling 10296. The results were outstanding, 79 rwhp gain from a camshaft

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