2006 SSR Magnacharger & Headers

This automatic 2006 SSR has been a comfortable cruiser for many years, and the owner decided it was finally time to add a little more get up and go. He wanted increased horsepower without sacrificing any driveability or gas mileage, so we steered him toward a set of headers and a Magnacharger setup. Before tear down, we dyno’d the SSR and it put down 328 rwhp on the rollers.

The SSR kit from Magnacharger utilizes the MP112 blower unit, and ended up making 445rwhp on only 5lbs of boost. We went with Kooks 1 7/8″ headers with cats to help the engine breathe better. With quality parts from Magnacharger and Kooks, this SSR should go the distance for years to come!

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