2011 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Package One

Feeling the need to upgrade this 2011 Automatic LSA CTS-V’s 489 rwhp, this customer sought us out to install our LSA Performance Package One (available HERE) which includes three simple upgrades – a 160 degree thermostat, a cold air intake, and a dyno tune. In the matter of just a few hours, we were able to find another 50rwhp with these simple upgrades, ending up at 539rwhp and 499 ft/lbs tq! During our dyno tune and final road tuning, we also spent a lot of time tweaking the shift pattern of the 6L80e transmission, which needs a lot of help from its factory settings. Between the new shift patterns and added horsepower, this CTS-V was like a whole new car for less than a grand!



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