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2017 CTS-V Bolt Ons

A handful of simple modifications (pulley, air intake, heat exchanger and dyno tuning) made a world of a difference (87 rwhp & 89 ft/lbs tq to be exact) in this automatic LT-4 CTS!          

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2012 CTS-V Intake & Pulley

A nice daily cruiser, this CTS-V put down 456 rwhp & 464 ft/lbs during a summer baseline. We kept it simple for this build – knowing that a few small upgrades would go a long way in performance and feel, without impacting driveability. We chose an Air Aid CTS-V intake, 160 thermostat, and upgraded the supercharger pulley to Lingenfelter’s 2.55

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2011 CTS-V 418ci, AI Heads, Cam

When this 2011 CTS-V’s stock engine met its demise through lost oil pressure, our customer decided to build it bigger and badder! Starting with a 418ci block from Texas Speed, we topped it off with a set of 280cc ported and polished heads from Advanced Induction, using Brian Tooley Platinum Valve springs. We also custom spec’d a cam to take

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2009 CTS-V Intake & Boost

It seems like we can’t get enough of the LSA’s lately, and this was no exception! This automatic 2009 model’s owner was looking for some subtle upgrades – better performance and responsiveness – without sacrificing any of the car’s driveability or stealth. We kept it simple for this ride – adding an AirAid intake, 160 degree thermostat, a Lingenfelter upper

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2011 CTS-V Stage One Package

Looking for a simple upgrade or two to help make wake up this factory CTS-V, we suggested our Stage 1 Package, which consists of a cold air intake, thermostat, and dyno tuning. We offer a few different types of intakes, but chose an Air Aid for this particular build. We started by baselining this vehicle, putting down 453 rwhp &

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2014 CTS-V Performance Package Stage 2.5

While this customer knew that his CTS was a really quick ride right out of the box, eventually he was wanting more. He was looking to add more power and get up and go without compromising driveability, so we went with our Stage 2.5 CTS-V Package. This includes a cold air intake, Kooks 1 7/8″ Headers with cats, and adding

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2011 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Package One

Feeling the need to upgrade this 2011 Automatic LSA CTS-V’s 489 rwhp, this customer sought us out to install our LSA Performance Package One (available HERE) which includes three simple upgrades – a 160 degree thermostat, a cold air intake, and a dyno tune. In the matter of just a few hours, we were able to find another 50rwhp with

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