2007 Trailblazer SS Attitude V2 Cam & Headers

This Trailblazer SS’s owner decided it was time to add some more power and sound to go along with the custom paint job and hood (painted by Bauer Auto Designs). After discussing his goals, we decided the best route would be a nice naturally aspirated package, especially since he was after a lopey cam sound. We knew that the Attitude V2 cam would fit his bill quite nicely – great sound, and the power to back it up!

We made sure to cover all the bases with the cam, selecting the important but sometimes over looked bolt ons that allow it to breathe like it should. We used our One Piece Fenderwell 4″ Intake to inhale, and a set of Kooks Custom Headers to exhale. For excellent driveability and more pep off the line, we also added a Yank 3200 stall. We finished it off with a set of Spal fans with shroud. A Brian Tooley Cam Install Kit also went into the mix to fortify the valve train.

We hit the dyno again after the new modifications… netting a 100rwhp gain. The added horsepower, aggressive sound, and great driveability makes for one nice package!!

Just got back from taking her for a ride and she runs awesome! and sounds amazing!  I just wanted to thank you and everyone at your shop again for everything…great, friendly and helpful customer service and all your expertise in performance.  I had an idea of how I wanted my truck to sound like and perform like but you all took it way above what I was expecting…and I couldn’t be happier!  However, I do blame all of you for me needing new rear tires by the end of the month…..maybe sooner haha. This was definitely worth the trip and cant wait to come back down!

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