2009 G8 GT TVS 1900, Cam & Headers

This 2009 G8 GT was very unique. Having previously been a SEMA car several years ago, it featured a TVS 1900 with a ZR1-style window hood, custom side exhaust, and a killer stereo system. Our first dyno pulls on the G8 showed it coming in right at 410rwhp. Not bad by any means, but it was no longer enough for our customer!

After hammering out the details, we decided to first help the L76 breathe better, using a set of Kooks 1 7/8″ headers with high flow cats. We then decided to add a custom cam by Alvin. At this point the customer was not ready to dive into a torque converter install, so we kept the cam tame enough to retain great driveability with the stock converter.

A Brian Tooley Cam Install Kit went into the mix to fortify the valve train, as well as deleting DOD (displacement on demand). We pulled the heads to swap out the weak DOD lifters with LS7’s. To recoup the boost we were losing from the cam and headers, we stepped down a notch on pulley size as well.

We hit the dyno again after the new modifications… netting a 135rwhp gain. The added horsepower, sound, and great driveability makes for one nice package, a comfortable cruiser with plenty of extra power!

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