2000 Silverado 5.3 Custom Cam & Headers

Having owned this truck for a long time, this customer was ready to give this low mileage 5.3 a serious power overhaul. It came to us with just a cold air intake, but we had plenty of ideas up our sleeves!

We started by adding headers to this super clean 2000, made by none other than Kooks Headers. We also added their high flow cats to his exhaust system, and got Farrell Creation & Restoration involved to mate up the Kook’s system with his current muffler setup.

The customer definitely wanted a cam that had a nice lope to it – so along the way we added a Circle D torque converter to give us more room to design a larger cam. The 3000 sized stall was perfect for the street and hit hard when floored.

Alvin spec’d a cam that worked excellent in this 5.3 – it had great sound and driveability, and felt awesome across the entire power band.  To go with the cam, we added in our PRC Deluxe Cam Install Kit. We finished up tuning this truck on the street but it was evident that the new parts picked up gobs of power!

During the install, we also added our Electric Fan Kit, freeing up another easy 15-20rwhp, and giving him much more room in the engine bay.



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