2010 LS3 Camaro PCM of NC ‘545’ Cam & PRC Heads

We were excited to see this 2010 LS3 come down from Virginia to our shop after talking with this customer for a while about possible builds.

This car was already off to a good start with a RotoFab Intake and a full exhaust, and baselined at 405rwhp & 399 ft/lbs tq. We supplied our 545 camshaft and our customer brought along a set of PRC 255cc cylinder heads. We also threw in a 160 degree thermostat, as well as a Melling 10296 oil pump and Brian Tooley Cam Install Kit.

After street tuning, we hit the dyno again, finding an additional 93rwhp! The car laid down 498rwhp and 446 ft/lbs tq, which is awesome considering the driveability is nearly stock! The 545 Cam is an excellent choice for anyone looking for sound, performance, AND driveability, it is our best seller by far!


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