Camaro/Firebird Portfolio

2015 Camaro Z28 Heads & Cam

This rare, low-mileage Z28 was in need of some help, coming in down on power with a misfire and clogged exhaust. We were able to not only get it fixed but add some great power and torque as well. We added our That’s What She Said Camshaft, a set of MAST cylinder heads, MSD Atomic Intake, long tube headers, and

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2014 ZL1 Advanced Induction Heads & ZL-Win Cam

It’s always a pleasure to repeat this heads and cam package – one of our favorites! This 2014 ZL1 was looking for a cam that would sound rowdy, drive well, and put down some serious horsepower. Our ZL-Win cam fit the bill perfectly – definitely our most popular LSA camshaft. We coupled it with none other than Advanced Induction 280cc

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2000 Z28 Hellcat Cam & Advanced Induction Heads

This 2000 Camaro Z28 is in great shape for its age, and we love to see the rare colors come through the shop! On the first visit, we added our Hellcat Cam and an underdrive pulley. After driving it for a bit, our customer decided to go further down the rabbit hole and add a set of Advanced Induction 232cc

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1995 Z28 Torqhead Ignition Swap & Bolt Ons

We were super lucky to get our hands on this 12,000 mile LT1! Beautiful car that seemed to have driven to us right from a museum. Wanting more performance without going too crazy, we decided on a Torqhead Ignition swap first and foremost – deleting the Optispark in favor of an LS based ECM & ignition system. We added mild

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2015 Camaro L99 Phoenix Cam & Advanced Induction Heads

We were excited to get to work on stage 1 of this L99’s build, which included almost everything naturally aspirated. We installed a set of Kooks Headers for better sound and exhaust flow, and also an electric cutout for even louder sound – on demand. We chose our Phoenix Cam, along with our Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Install Kit and

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2017 ZL1 LT-4 Whipple 2.9L SC Install

Back for more! You might recognize this car from this blog – link. After the cam, he was in need of more power. With the 1.7L factory blower being the limiting factor at this point, we knew it had to go. We replaced it with a 2.9L Whipple Supercharger, nearly doubling the volume. The customer opted for the red powdercoat which

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2013 Camaro ZL1 Headers & Boost

There’s no passing over this pink panther! This bright ZL1 came in for more power to match the eye catching exterior. We added more boost via a Lingenfelter Upper Pulley, and also installed a set of Kooks Headers.  92rwhp & 44 ft/lbs later, we ended up at a stout 554 hp & 537 ft/lbs on the dyno through the automatic

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2001 Camaro LS1 Hellcat Cam Install

We get excited when we see one of the original LS’s come into the shop! This IOM has been on track car duty, and wanted to put down some more power to the tires. We chose our Hellcat cam – which would allow for some great power gains as well as still retain good street driveability. Our Hellcat cam is a

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2016 LT-1 Auto Camaro Procharged

We loved this pristine-clean 2016! This automatic Camaro responded very well to a couple bolt ons and a centrifugal supercharger kit. With the addition of 1 7/8″ Kooks Headers  and a ProCharger kit it put down a solid 535 rwhp & 531 ft/lbs tq, which is a gain of 145 rwhp & 124 ft/lbs tq!!        

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2017 ZL1 LT-4 Cam Install

The LT-4 Camaro’s are great right out of the box – but with mods, are even better! This build features a Rotofab Cold Air Intake, Kooks Headers, additional boost and a cam install. After dyno tuning, this slick looking machine finished up at 681 hp & 742 ft/lbs tq. Awesome sound and nice driveability as well.        

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