2012 Camaro LS3 ‘545’ Cam & Advanced Induction Heads

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We had recently dyno tuned this slick 2012 LS3 Camaro to 418rwhp with an SLP blackwing intake and SLP headers. While the car felt great, it wasn’t enough for our customer anymore – so we started talking heads and cam upgrades!  We went with our go-to cam for great sound, power, and driveability (the triple threat!), the ever popular PCM of NC ‘545’ cam.

Whom to use for cylinder heads was an easy choice – none other than Advanced Induction located in Concord, NC. We sent a core set of heads down ahead of time to let Phil work his 280cc LS3 head magic, and that he did!

During the tuning process, we decided to ditch the Blackwing intake and install a Rotofab instead. The rotofab has a nice airbox that mounts securely, where as the black wing intake free-floated down through the fender well. The turblence from the bends and the way that the intake was able to move around made the fueling adjustments not nearly as smooth. With the addition of the Rotofab, the fuel curve was extremely smooth, and it also picked up an additional 7 ft/lbs tq over the Blackwing (same horsepower #).

We also added a Powerbond Underdrive Pulley for a few more added ponies. ARP head bolts are securing the cylinder heads, and our Deluxe Brian Tooley Cam Install Kit is making sure to fortify the valve train to stand up to the added power! After dyno tuning, we ended up at 494 rwhp & 459 ft/lbs tq. We were very thrilled with these numbers especially considering the car still had factory exhaust from the cats on back! The engine bay turned out nice and clean, thanks to our shorter fuel line kit, and Hide That Evap! relocation kit!