2010 Camaro LS3 Edelbrock E-Force & 545 Cam

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If you’ve read our other blogs, this car may look familiar! It had previously visited for a 545 camshaft install, giving it a nice lope. We chose the 545 cam for this car knowing that the owner would eventually want to supercharge it…and on this visit, he did!

This customer decided on an Edelbrock E-Force supercharger kit, which was a nice complement to the modifications that he had already. The kit normally comes pullied at 4.0″, but we stepped down to a 3.5″ pulley knowing that we would need to step up the boost a bit on account of the car having a cam and headers. Knowing we’d be out of injector and pump, we also added a set of Fuel Injector Connection 1000cc injectors & an MSD BAP.

At this time, since his K&N air intake wouldn’t fit and we didn’t want to run the stock airbox, we stepped up to a Rotofab intake. Rotofab makes high quality intakes to fit almost every kind of supercharger install. Not only was the fit fantastic, but it looks great and also performs better than the K&N as well!

Just adding power wasn’t enough for this go round…our customer got excited about adding some gauges as well – which we suggest on boosted cars as it allows you to monitor important parameters such as AFR and boost. Feeling froggy – we also jumped into some Oracle lighting upgrades, which turned out amazing! We added the ColorShift Halo kit, and also several LED lighting strips in the engine bay to show off the build. While we are more of a performance shop, we couldn’t help but get excited by the new look!

On to the power numbers…the car made an impressive 620rwhp & 563 ft/lbs tq, an almost 200rwhp gain from where it was before. Needless to say…the customer called back after picking up the car and said he definitely noticed a difference! With the car making full torque by 3,500 rpm, this car is sure to be tearing up the local roads.