2013 ZL1 ZL-Win Cam & Heads Install

This manual 2013 ZL1 came in at 536rwhp – the owner had already added a bit more boost by changing the lower pulley set up. He knew he wanted to add more power, it just wasn’t enough any more! On this car, like many of our other builds, we were looking to make a LOT more power, without giving up any driveability.

We started with our ZL-Win cam, which is a 221/243 .60x/.62x cam on a 116 LSA. We also sent off the LSA cylinder heads to none other than Phil at Advanced Induction, for his full port & polish work, to be topped off with a set of Brian Tooley Platinum valve springs. We went with our usual Kooks header set up – as they consistently perform as expected, and fit very well also. To help out with a few more horses, we also utilized a VMAX ported and polished throttle body.

By the end of our build, this car had made 761 rwhp & 737 ft/lbs tq – making for a gain of 225 rwhp. Needless to say, the car is a total animal on the street now! To make sure that our build could keep up with the added horsepower, we also added Lingenfelter’s heat exchanger with fans, as well as a larger auxilliary reservoir.

This customer also wanted to jazz up the exterior a bit – and that we did. We dropped it 1″ with a set of BMR lowering springs, and added some Oracle lighting products to garner some attention – color shift halos, and also grille & underhood lighting. To top it off we also added a lighted bowtie on the back! A set of Autometer gauges also went in – a wideband gauge and a boost gauge.

While this car already had a cold air intake on it, we traded it in for a nice Rotofab intake that was hydrodipped in carbon fiber – along with a matching engine cover. Not only does it look sweet but the power numbers really back it up!


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