1985 Silverado 6.0L Fuel Injection Swap

We were very excited to begin this project – we knew we could make a world of a difference swapping this motor over to fuel injection. The customer already had installed an LQ4 6.0L which woke the truck up – but had it set up with a carburetor. Looking for more power and less driveability issues, he asked us to install fuel injection on it.

Utilizing a painless harness and an LS1 PCM, we got right down to business. The customer wanted to retain the carbureted-style look, so we chose an Edelbrock intake and Holley throttle body with the 4150 flange so we could reuse his air cleaner. We also used an Aeromotive stealth fuel pump to get the fuel pressure up to where we needed it to be.

After the swap, there was no more feathering the throttle to get it running, no strange lags and lacking performance. With a simple turn of the key, even when cold out, it fires up on the first start. The tip-in throttle response was incredible compared to the old carb, and the truck felt like it gained another 50hp!

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