2001 Corvette A&A Supercharger Kit & Exhaust

This mint 2001 Corvette was all stock when it came to us, and the owner was ready for more power. Knowing he wanted to make over 550rwhp without giving up any driveability, we selected an A&A Supercharger Kit, complemented with a set of Kooks 1 7/8″ headers, and a Corsa catback. He chose the black satin option – which made the install look super stealthy.

After laying down a baseline of 310rwhp, we got down to business installing the kit and headers. We also added an MSD Boost a Pump and a set of Fuel Injector Connection 850cc injectors to make sure we had plenty of fuel. To make for a cleaner install, instead of using injector adapters for the new EV6 injectors, we swapped the connectors themselves to make it look factory.

We dialed in the car on the street, making sure everything looked good before hitting the dyno. We were very pleased with the dyno results, the card ended up at 579rwhp & 516 ft/lbs tq! An incredible gain of 270rwhp & 192 ft/lbs tq from this package. The car picked up power everywhere in the powerband, and retained excellent driveability as well.