2006 Corvette Z06 Heads & LS7 Road Race Cam

This road racing corvette came for a visit from Pennsylvania, seeking more power of course! This bone stock, super low mileage 2006 Z06 is super clean and still feels new. The customer was looking for big gains in the mid and upper RPM range, to help out at the track. He wanted to retain the stock air intake and the stock manifolds, which was no problem. He was also concerned about the valve guides – a source of potential failure with the LS7 engines.

Of course we sent off the heads to Phil at Advanced Induction. In addition to his 280cc package, we also had the valve guides redone for extra insurance, and the exhaust valves replaced with Manley stainless valves. Alvin spec’d a cam to go along with it, keeping the stock manifolds in mind. Being happy with the performance in this build and other LS7’s, we have added this cam to our line up, and called it the LS7 Road Race Cam.

While the customer declined to baseline the car (concerned about stock valve guides), comparing this final dyno graph against another stock Z06 shows a gain of about 70rwhp & 40 ft/lbs tq. With stock manifolds and stock cold air intake, we were very impressed with these gains. While power was picked up everywhere across the board, this package really starts to shine around 4k rpm on up.

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