2002 Corvette Z06 Heads, Cam & Exhaust

This 02 Z06 road racer decided he was ready to take it to the next level in 2014! He came to us to change his bone stock Z06 into a serious track contender. Good driveability was important, as was
a powerful car all the way from the bottom of the powerband to the top.

We chose our go to intake and headers, Halltech and Kooks, for this install. For the engine, we used our Attitude V2 cam (holds the bottom end track record in an an LS2!) paired with a set of heads from Advanced Induction of course – his 232cc package.

Along with the heads and cam, we installed a set of Brian Tooley valvesprings, pushrods, and a melling oil pump as well. Knowing this was a track car, we also took the opportunity to install our C5 oil cooler kit, which fits neatly in front of the condensor and radiator, utilizing a Setrab cooler and -10 lines.

This car started at 339rwhp & 344 ft/lbs tq. After our modifications, it went home with 442 rwhp & 392 ft/lbs tq! The dyno graph showed gains all across the power band, and as always, the driveability ended up great as well.


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