2013 ZL1 Advanced Induction Heads & ZL-Win Cam

This customer heard about us through the Camaro 5 forums, where we had shared results on another ZL1 we had recently built. Initially he was just interested in adding a cam, but decided to spring for heads as well to make some serious power. We turned to our ZL-Win & AI heads and cam package…knowing it would deliver the results and driveability we wanted!

This red ZL1 basedlined on our dyno at 580 rwhp & 558 ft/lbs of torque – he already had installed a cold air intake, headers, and upped the boost via a larger lower pulley. We got down to business, tearing off the heads and sending them off to Advanced Induction to work his magic with his 280cc porting and polishing package – topped off with a set of Brian Tooley Platinum valve springs. We paired the heads with our own ZL-Win camshaft, a triple-threat cam delivering nasty sound, amazing performance, and great driveability. We also fortified the valvetrain with a COMP trunion upgrade for the rockers, a Katech C5r timing chain, and a few other items such as a Melling 10296 oil pump.

We went larger on the pulley setup he already had, and also changed the upper pulley as well,  adding the solid isolator bushing too. With all of the added power, we kept the IAT’s in check by adding Lingenfelter’s serious heat exchanger with fans. To keep tabs on the car, we also added a set of Autometer Sport Comp II gauges – boost and wideband AFR.

Back to the dyno it went…this time with an additional 168 rwhp & 175 ft/lbs of tq! Final numbers in the swampy heat of NC summer were 748 rwhp & 733 ft/lbs tq.




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