2012 Camaro L99 Magnacharger TVS 2300

Having had this cruiser for a while, this customer decided it was time to add more power to his all stock 2012 Automatic Convertible. Wanting to add a lot of power in one shot, we decided on Magnacharger’s TVS 2300 kit, leaving the rest of the vehicle stock.

Adding the magnacharger alone kept the car super quiet and with totally stock driveability…until you floor it! The supercharger greatly woke the car up. The roots type blower included in the kit is perfect for the heavier cars like the fifth generation Camaros, providing lots of torque down low.

The TVS 2300 kit includes everything we need for the install, including injectors, the head unit, a heat exchanger, aftercooler pump, and all hardware and accessories.

This simple install yielded 103 rwhp & 118 ft/lbs tq total, ending up at 437 rwhp & 468 ft/lbs! The seat of the pants difference was huge. In the future, we can find even more power in adding an intake, headers, or a cam as well!

“Thanks to you and your staff.  You go the extra mile, everything looks like it was supposed to be there from day one. I will be back for more! As long as my wife lets me.


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