2013 ZL1 Intake, Headers, Added Boost

This near-new 2013 ZL1 Automatic came in with a set of Kooks Headers, and also a Rotofab Intake, but no tuning (yet!). While it was here, he decided to add some more boost as well to make the most of the dyno time.

Using Lingenfelter’s 10 bolt pulley hub set up, we removed the blower so that we were able to install that, along with a 2.55″ pulley. We also replaced the isolator as well with a solid one, so there will be no worrying about the stock spring digging in. Instead of using a shorter belt, we also added a 100mm Metco idler pulley, allowing for more belt wrap and use of the stock belt, which only had 2,000 miles on it anyway.

With more boost we needed more fuel, so we used Fuel Injector Connection 1000cc Injectors. At this power level, the stock fuel pump was enough. We swapped out the plugs for NGK TR7 Iridiums, and added a 160 degree thermostat while we were at it.

This car baselined at 484 rwhp & 485 ft/lbs tq with the intake and headers (no tune). After we added the 2.55″ pulley and dyno tuned it, we ended up at 566 rwhp & 548 ft/lbs of tq, making for a gain of 82 rwhp & 63 ft lbs of tq!





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