2008 Corvette LS3 Phoenix Cam & Advanced Induction Heads

Having previously visited for bolt on parts installation and dyno tuning, this vette was ready for even more performance. At first we had discussed adding just our 545 cam, but decided to kick it up a notch – going a little bigger on the cam specs and also adding a set of Advanced Induction cylinder heads into the mix. We shipped off a set of LS3 heads preemptively to Advanced Induction for his 280cc package, so they’d be ready to bolt on and go for the install date.

For the cam, we added a bit more intake and exhaust duration to the 545 cam, and also tweaked the LSA a bit. This cam has been reborn as our “Phoenix” cam, which features a 231/246 duration with lift in the .61X range, and an LSA of 113. This made for a cam with a slightly more aggressive idle, more power (about 10-15 rwhp) but still retained excellent driveability.

Our customer also had us add a set of dual SPAL fans to replace the single c6 fan. The stock fans tend to have a problem burning up the connections and sometimes the controllers as well. We used our Three Relay Fan Harness, adapted to the proper lengths, to control the spals. The low setting brings both fans on at half speed, and the high setting brings both fans on at full blast for maximum cooling.

This car baselined at 412 rwhp & 407 ft/lbs with an intake, headers and previous dyno tune. After the new camshaft and head installation, we ended up 502 rwhp & 455 ft/lbs tq, making for a gain of 90rwhp & 48 ft/lbs tq!




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